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Established September 2006

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Letter from the Author:

Growing up on the rough side of West Philadelphia (West Philly), Pennsylvania and Prince George’s County, Maryland in the 1970’s and early 1980’s, Kevin M. Weeks is now known for his story-telling ability as an urban crime fiction author. To date, there are 3 award winning self-published novels in The Street Life Series. The following factors differentiate his writing style.

  First and foremost, Heather Covington, Founder of YOUnity Guild of America states, that Kevin M. Weeks’ "animated book cover...has defied changing trends for sexy models on covers and returned urban street lit to its beautiful elements of creative and artistic expression..." To find out more, click over to the “Behind the Series” web page on this website.

  Secondly, Kevin M. Weeks is a strong supporter of the Arts and Entertainment field. His stories include music from the Teddy Riley era of Hip Hop. Teddy Riley is a legend for infusing the elements of R&B and Hip Hop in the 1980’s. The stage performances in Mr. Weeks’ novels capture the energetic atmosphere of the emcee, the lights, the music, and the dancers’ interaction with the crowd. Shunda Leigh, Editor-In-Chief of Booking Matters Magazine, calls Kevin M. Weeks a “literary artist.” 

Finally, Kevin M. Weeks has a passion for deterring youth from heading down the wrong path in life. His experiences have taught him well. As a teenager, he exited out of foster care and landed homeless on the streets. Eventually he found out about and enrolled in Job Corp, a “no-cost education and vocational training program administered by the U.S. Department of Labor that helps young people ages 16 through 24 get a better job, make more money, and take control of their lives.” To find out more visit:

His goal is to share with our youth his lessons learned and insure that they are aware of the resources available to them as well as sponsor future programs to close the gap of the ongoing needs of “at risk” youth. Book proceeds from The Street Life Series benefit charities that provide transitional programs from teenage years into adulthood.

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Kevin M. Weeks, Founder of the the
Stay Off The Streets Fund
A Youth Charity to Aid Teens who Age-out of Foster Care





Proud Supporter of the
Hip Hop and Books Initiative
Founded by Cyrus A. Webb




The Hip Hop and Books project was created by Conversations Book Club President Cyrus A. Webb to be a voice for those who not only love the music of the streets but the books that incorporate the life as well.

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