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TEENAGERS states, “Nearly 20,000 foster care teens "age-out" of the foster care system each year. Once they reach 18, their state and foster families are no longer required to give them assistance.” Because Kevin M. Weeks exited foster care and became homeless years ago, he is extremely passionate about garnering support to rally around this important cause to help “aged-out” teenagers STAY OFF THE STREETS.


In a June 5, 2008 Boston Globe article titled "Report grim on teens after foster care," News Reporter David Abel sites a report by The Boston Foundation that states, "60 percent of . . . former foster children experienced symptoms of depression, 54 percent were unemployed, 34 percent used illegal drugs, 25 percent have been arrested, 11 percent have been sexually assaulted, and 8 percent have been incarcerated." Therefore, book proceeds from The Street Life Series benefit charities which have programs for the transitional stage from teenager to adulthood.




Children rely on stability and protection. Parents or guardians are essential during a child’s developmental stages. With the decrease in financial support and funding for the arts, children do not have the same opportunities to see the orchestra, watch a ballet, or visit an art museum as their parents did years ago. To some extent, creativity is stagnated. Studies show that children who participate in the arts are more likely to succeed in life.





STAY OFF THE STREETS and celebrate the ARTS is the focus for children.

Kevin M. Weeks sets an example by collaborating with artists, such as Paul Mitchell and Matt Brumelow, in order to illustrate the key elements of his stories through artwork on his book covers. Let’s commit to share the arts this year with at least one underprivileged child.



For adults, STAY OFF THE STREETS is a metaphor. “Streets” represent anything that prevents you from realizing your ultimate potential or following your goals in life, no matter how young or old you are today. Your “streets” may be fear of failure, hopelessness, procrastination, etc. The objective is to avoid these areas in our lives and to redirect our energy to more positive venues.



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