by Kevin M. Weeks



The Street Life Series is categorized under the Book Industry Standards and Communications (BISAC) subject codes of African American Mystery & Detective Fiction and Crime Fiction.

Kevin M. Weeks pens The Street Life Series using old fashion writing toolsa legal pad and ink pen.

From draft to finished manuscript, the writing process entails an average of 600 handwritten pages in over 1800 hours per year.

"[Kevin M. Weeks] has delicately balanced some of the most authentic street language ever written without ever using the N-word! Also, he includes a parental advisory at the beginning of the bookan interesting idea, but it might be more of a draw for teens than a discouragement. Regardless, it’s the first time I have ever seen it on a street fiction book," states Daniel Marcou, Librarian (

Book Reviewers, such as Writer’s Digest, state that Weeks has established a writing style of his own.

Weeks continues to embrace arts and entertainment, not only in book cover design but also in his storytelling because there is an ongoing need to preserve the arts.

As a result of Weeks' tenacity, his sophomore novel, Is It Passion or Revenge?, was reviewed in the first Library Journal "The Word on Street Lit" news article.

Verdict: Weeks’ second entry [in The Street Life Series] mixes gritty street-lit action with hints of a police procedural that will appeal to both urban fiction fans and readers of African American mysteries.”
— Library Journal

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by Ann DeWitt & Kevin M. Weeks



The first book in the The Street Life Series Youth Edition is titled Entangled in Freedom, which is categorized under the Book Industry Standards and Communications (BISAC) subject codes of Young Adult Historical Fiction.

Research for The Street Life Series Youth Edition is conducted in the field at historical sites.

This series explores human experiences behind United States history.

The book Entangled in Freedom: A Civil War Story is cataloged in the Major General William D. McCain Library at the Sons of Confederate Veterans International Headquarters in Columbia, Tennessee.

Mom’s Choice Awards® named the debut novel  Entangled In Freedom: A Civil War Story by Ann DeWitt and Kevin M. Weeks among the best in family-friendly media, products and services for young adult historical fiction.

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The Street Life Series Awards (Crime Fiction)

  • African-American Pavilion at BookExpo America Award
  • New York Book Festival Award
  • Bestseller List
  • London Book Festival Award

The Street Life Series Youth Edition (Young Adult Historical Fiction): Entangled In Freedom

  • Mom's Choice Awards, Best in Family-Friendly Media, Products, and Services for Young Adult Historical Fiction
  • Moonbeam Children's Award
  • Sons of Confederate Veterans Bonnie Blue Society Award

I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit together at the table of brotherhood.
— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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